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'Nobody's Dead': Sex And The City Showrunner Debunks Biggest Rumors From Revival

Sex And The City Revival And Just Like That Mr Big Samantha Willie Garson Death Rumors

Well, this is going to be a load off for Sex And The City fans!

A rumor was going around a couple months back that And Just Like That… was going to shock fans with a “major” death early in the series. Many speculated at the time it would be Mr. Big, who had a serious heart condition on the original series. That would also free up Carrie to date new guys (ahem, we saw those pics with Sarah Jessica Parker and [SPOILER] smooching).

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Then of course there was also speculation that with Kim Cattrall not returning, the revival would write off Samantha by having her die before the show begins. That has since been debunked over and over as we’ve learned exactly where Samantha will be as the show begins — and even what the falling out she had with Carrie was. Not to mention, we’ve also heard producers are working hard to try to get their fourth Beatle back for Season 2.

Finally, amid all this there was the shocking and heartbreaking real-life death of Willie Garson, aka Stanford Blatch. The fact he had been battling pancreatic cancer could have meant he knew he might not have much longer, right? His final tweet certainly implies he might have. Maybe he told showrunners so they might write him a tender farewell? Or maybe they reworked things after?

Turns out NONE of those theories are true.

Showrunner Michael Patrick King did some debunking in an interview with The New York Times on Friday, saying flat-out:

“Nobody’s dead.”

Not Mr. Big, not Samantha Jones. And they aren’t writing Willie Garson’s death in either. Why? King explained simply:

“Because it wasn’t charming. And I knew that the audience would know.”

He ain’t wrong! It would be crushing to lose Stanford, it would be like saying goodbye to Willie all over again. With Samantha, it would have just felt like spite — and we’re still hoping Kim will change her mind (though we totally respect her decision if she doesn’t)!

As for Big, well, there’s another rumor going around about Chris Noth‘s Prince Semi-Charming that would also explain a lot of those photos we’ve been seeing with ex-lovers and spouses.

So what surprises will be coming our way if not shocking character deaths? And Just Like That… premieres next Thursday, December 9 on HBO Max. We guess we’ll have to find out then.

[Image via HBO Max.]

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