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Tish Cyrus Admits She Would've Been A 'Better Parent' If She'd Started Smoking Weed Earlier Amid Noah Feud!

Tish Cyrus Says She Would’ve Been Better Parent If She Started Smoking Weed Earlier Amid Noah Feud!

Tish Cyrus is reflecting on her parenting amid issues with her youngest daughter Noah!

In the latest episode of her podcast Sorry We’re Stoned with her daughter Brandi and special guest Wiz Khalifa out on Thursday, the conversation turned to parenting — and Billy Ray Cyrus‘ ex-wife got candid about how she could’ve been a better mother. If you don’t know, she shares Miley, Braison, and Noah with the country artist and welcomed Brandi and Trace in a previous relationship, though Billy Ray adopted them when they got married.

This week, Tish has been the center of attention amid claims she stole her husband Dominic Purcell from her 24-year-old daughter, unearthing a ton of dirt about the pair’s ongoing feud! And while she’s not opening up about that just yet, she does admit there were things she could’ve done better when raising her kids!

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Revealing how she could have been a “better parent,” the 56-year-old dished:

“I didn’t smoke pot when I had kids. I didn’t start smoking until I was, like, 46. And so I think I would’ve been a better parent if I would’ve smoked then. I think I would’ve been like, I don’t know, school projects, it would’ve felt more fun, where I was just like, ‘Ugh!’ And so I really do wish I had smoked then.”

Hah! Brandi agreed, suggesting the manager would have been “much more tolerant” had she been a little high during their childhood. And while Tish doesn’t wake up and smoke a full joint first thing, the momager does take a few puffs throughout the day — a habit that’s really helped her! She noted:

“My decision-making is so much better now that I smoke weed. I do not by any means say that weed is for everyone, not at all. But for me personally, it has just been the best thing ever.”

It’s sure inneresting timing to be sharing all this! Though, for the record, it’s unclear when the podcast was recorded. We’re not sure Tish would be so chill about calling out her parenting mistakes if she knew all this drama would be breaking. The one positive thing? It at least shows she knows she wasn’t perfect. But we doubt she’s saying weed would have helped her keep from breaking girl code! LOLz!

But hey, hopefully, this willingness to reflect on her parenting will help her down the line as she and Noah eventually (fingers crossed!) try to work out their issues — which not only revolve around the Prison Break star but the way Tish supposedly favored the Hannah Montana lead while growing up, as sources have dished.

Either way, Tish is said to be “spiraling out of control and trying to figure out how to diffuse this,” as Us Weekly insiders shared last week, so we bet she’ll try to do something to shut this problematic narrative down more soon. In the meantime, you can see the full podcast episode (below)!

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[Image via Sorry We’re Stoned/Late Late Show/YouTube]

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