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Tom Sandoval RUTHLESSLY Booed During VPR Panel At BravoCon -- But THESE Co-Stars Defended Him??

Tom Sandoval RUTHLESSLY Booed During VPR Panel At BravoCon – But THESE C0-Stars Defended Him??

The fans have spoken and they are NOT on Team Sandoval!!

During Friday’s Vanderpump Rules panel at BravoCon 2023 which was held over the weekend, Tom Sandoval was hardly given a moment to speak without getting mercilessly booed by the crowd! Oof!!

The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman tried to put on a brave face as he entered the event by telling the audience it “feels good to be here,” but the crowd quickly erupted him with boos. Ouch! Regardless, he pushed through, going on to thank Tom Schwartz for sticking by his side through thick and thin and even getting some words of support from two unlikely co-stars!

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After James Kennedy revealed season 11 is “one of the hardest years” he’s had filming the show, Tom agreed, saying his struggles following his Rachel Leviss affair made him “appreciate” what his other castmates had gone through when they were previously “on the outskirts,” he explained:

“This season, for the first time, I got to see what other people had to deal with. You start to recognize the small things, someone saying hi, smiling at you on the street … recognizing your humanity.”

So melodramatic! LOLz! On his friendship with Schwartz, he noted:

“It’s obviously gotten better. He went through some tough times because of me, and he dealt with a lot of residual negativity. And I really appreciate you sticking by, man.”

Schwartz happily replied, “For better or for worse, ’til death do us part.” Cute! Lisa Vanderpump also had a lot of love for Tom while reflecting on the scandal that rocked the series, calling season 10 a “s**tshow” and “a mess,” and adding:

“I love them all individually, dearly. They have all screwed up at some point — maybe not to this extent. I’ve seen them grow up, and I think the magic of this show is they’ve had these intense relationships with each since way before the show started — and also with me. So I can’t judge them on one episode.”

On what’s to come starting in January, she teased:

“This season was extraordinarily difficult for Tom and Ariana [Madix]… but for me as a maternal figure and a matriarch and a mentor to them … [I] try to facilitate some cohesion. This is Vanderpump Rules. It’s not Little House on the Prairie.”

As for how Ariana felt filming the heated new season, she added:

“It was weird, it was difficult, and I’m glad it’s behind me. I knew it was gonna be difficult, I knew it was gonna be weird. I knew I was gonna have some very strong and ultimately negative feelings but I think if anything, the last year has shown me I can do hard things and it was hard but we did it.”

During the fan Q&A is when things really kicked up a notch! Fan after fan GRILLED the TomTom co-owner for Scandoval, such as by asking why he’s even still on the show “when nobody wants you around anymore.” He replied:

“I could’ve ran away but I’d rather stand here and face it. I don’t know what you do, but I handle things differently.”

Another person wondered if he regretted how things unfolded with his ex. He expressed:

“Yes, of course, I would have done things differently. But I can’t really look towards the past, I can only embrace what happened, try to learn from it, and go towards the future.”

This prompted the host Karamo Brown to ask if the Something About Her sandwich shop co-owner had ever received a genuine apology from the cheater, to which she declared:

“No. I mean, any apology was essentially rescinded with whatever the hell was said after that anyways, so no.”


As the bar owner continued to get loudly booed, Scheana Shay‘s husband Brock Davies stood up for him by insisting they are still “friends” despite everything and, shockingly, even Lala Kent had some kind words to share! She defended him, pointing out:

“In a weird, weird way, I don’t know if it’s respect, but with everyone really hating on Tom, he still went out, he still performed shows, he’s sitting in front of y’all getting booed. If I were in his position, I’d tell y’all to go f**k off.”


Not Lala suddenly supporting Tom! She loves to flip-flop on these hot topics!! Check out some of the highlights from the full panel (below)!

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[Image via Bravo/Peacock/YouTube]

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