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Clive Davis CONFIRMS Whitney Houston’s Secret Lesbian Love Affair -- BUT…

Clive Davis CONFIRMS Whitney Houston’s Secret Lesbian Love Affair

Clive Davis is spilling the details about Whitney Houston‘s lesbian love affair!

As you may know, it was long speculated that the legendary singer had a romantic relationship with her assistant, Robyn Crawford, before her career took off in the ‘80s. For a long time, the two remained quiet about the rumored romance until 2019, when Robyn released the memoir A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston. And now, the secret relationship is making headlines once again with the release of the new film out in theaters now, I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

Clive — who serves as a producer for the movie — spoke about the biopic in an interview with Extra on Thursday, revealing that it doesn’t gloss over Whitney’s struggles throughout her life or her romance with Robyn. Yep, he confirmed it! The famed record producer, who actually discovered the artist back in the day, shared with the outlet:

“They did have a teenage, one-year affair.”

However, he noted the movie will set the record straight about some of the reports that have come out about what went down between Whitney and Robyn many years ago.

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Clive said he wanted to touch on the relationship since “there have been so many articles that have…attempted to trace her addiction to being a frustrated lesbian or never dated a man before Bobby [Brown], all of which was totally inaccurate.” He added:

“I know of several men that she dated before Bobby. I mean, she did see Jermaine Jackson for two years.”

Whitney, who struggled with addiction, passed away in 2012 at the age of 48. And innerestingly enough, her former husband questioned in his own 2016 memoir whether she would be alive still “if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life.” You can ch-ch-check out Clive’s entire interview (below):

We wonder what Robyn would have to say about what comes out of the movie about their relationship.

As we mentioned, she was open about her connection with Whitney after the I Will Always Love You artist passed away in 2012. She previously told The Advocate‘s LGBTQ&A podcast they were “intimate on every level,” saying:

“Whitney did not like labels…Our love, that we experienced, we were intimate on every level. We were friends, that’s how we came together, as friends. We got to know each other in an open, bare, naked way. The feeling that we felt between us, there was a moment we shared, it was physical. We weren’t ashamed of it, but we were preparing ourselves for the big business, which was huge at that time.”

However, their love didn’t last. Robyn revealed in her book that Whitney ended their physical relationship in 1982 before she recorded her first album, as they sadly knew many people wouldn’t support them together at the time. Even The Bodyguard star’s mom Cissy Houston was against it. Robyn recalled on the podcast:

“The love that we shared, it was deep, really deep. One day we decided, before her career really took off, before she recorded her first album, that if people found out about us, they would use it against us. So we made the determination then to not be physical any longer. I mean, we sat down and made a conscious decision that we would not do this.”

She continued:

“And even though, if she wanted to…Whitney was, she spearheaded this, I loved her, I would have gone ahead with it, just like we were caring for each other. If we wanted to touch, I would have. But it was important to me too for our love to be unconditional, and nothing ever changed the way we…we were truly connected. We just sacrifice the physical.”

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