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Amy Robach Pitched Reese Witherspoon Juicy 'Plot Lines' For The Morning Show Weeks Before Affair Reveal -- WATCH!

Amy Robach Recently Told Reese Witherspoon She Had 'Plot Lines' About Newsroom Drama for The Morning Show

Welp. She wasn’t joking!

Back in October when Reese Witherspoon visited Good Morning America, Amy Robach was quick to offer suggestions for storylines for the upcoming season of The Morning Show. And as we now know, she wasn’t playing — she really had a juicy one!

In a recently resurfaced interview, the actress joined Amy, Michael Strahan, and George Stephanopoulos on the ABC series to promote her new children’s book, Busy Betty. Since she currently stars as a morning talk show anchor alongside Jennifer Aniston on the wildly popular Apple TV+ drama, it was only natural that the group of IRL anchors mostly wanted to discuss The Morning Show!

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When the Legally Blonde alum asked if the TV personalities like the show, Amy quickly replied:

“We love it!”

Strahan then teased:

“You have no idea, the water cooler conversations are really good around here.”

LOLz! We bet they are — especially now!! We wonder if the former NFL player knew what was going on back then…

Amy, who would have been months into her secret affair with her co-star T.J. Holmes at this point, then suggested:

“We can give you a few more plot lines if you’d like.”

After a bout of laughter, Reese accepted the offer, saying:

“Yes, email me girl!”

Little did we know back then how piping hot the tea really was!! Two married anchors carrying on a secret torrid affair while traveling for work? That would make a good plotline!

Ch-ch-check out the viral interview (below)!

You can also see Reese’s full segment on the show (below).

Sounds like there’s a lotta drama at GMA! And George sure didn’t sound pleased that Amy was willing to reveal such a thing! Whoops!

Since The Morning Show was loosely based on Today’s scandal with Matt Lauer, we wouldn’t be too surprised if they once again took some real-world inspiration from Amy and T.J.’s affair! It’s definitely one of the most salacious things to happen on daytime TV recently, and people can’t get enough of it! Speaking of, fans had a field day with the viral post on Twitter — take a look at the comments:

“‘email me girl’ CRYING”

“Michael Strahan stirring up trouble!!!


“That’s the first thing I thought of! Art imitates life.”


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As Perezcious readers know, nearly two months after this interview took place, photos and videos of the GMA3 co-anchors canoodling around New York and beyond came out. Not OK since they were both married! While reports have since claimed they split from their partners, Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue, in August, the rumored timeline has the co-workers getting together at least two months beforehand. T.J. has since been accused of having several other affairs with colleagues, too. So it’s not a great look!

Because of the drama, the pair was pulled from GMA3: What You Need to Know while the network investigates the situation and waits for the controversy to die down. An insider told People on Monday:

GMA decided to have a period of cooling down, because they thought this was unwanted attention. So, for the time being, they’re going to be off the air.”

The couple has yet to comment on their workplace affair, except to make some cryptic jokes about the controversy. It’s unclear what will happen with their jobs at this point, but we bet Reese and her team are dying to get the inside scoop from Amy right now. Would U like to see The Morning Show bring some of this craziness to life on TV? Or is this IRL ordeal enough for you!? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Good Morning America/YouTube]

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