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Kanye West & Bianca Censori Had A ‘Huge Fight’ When She Got Back From Australia -- So Bad It Scared Her Friends!

Kanye West & Bianca Censori Had A ‘Huge Fight’ When She Got Back From Australia -- So Bad It Scared Her Friends!

Bianca Censori may have had a moment of clarity in Australia last month, but then she went right back to Kanye West. But did he welcome her back with open arms? Maybe not…

As we’ve reported, the 28-year-old took a solo trip to visit friends and family in Melbourne last month, where they staged an intervention of sorts to get her out from under the musician’s thumb. She ultimately decided to go back to him, though, and lately, we’ve been seeing her sporting a bizarre new outfit trend of carrying plush toys over her nearly-nude body. While one psychologist may have theorized the fashion trend was to make Ye look “foolish,” an insider is positing something different.

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On Tuesday, a source alleged to that the odd new outfits spawned out of the Yeezus rapper’s disdain for how she dressed when she was on her own in Australia, and shortly after she returned to him in Dubai:

“Bianca loved being the center of attention when she returned home, and her friends thought that they got [through] to her. But this attention has changed her. For a few weeks though, she seemed to be back to herself. When she returned to Kanye for the party in Dubai, she was more herself than she’s ever been with him, but this did not sit well with him. She wore what she wanted and was seen talking to people, being flirty and having a good time.”

We all know of his “never speak” rule for her, so that COULDN’T have sat well…

The insider dished:

“This apparently caused a huge fight with them because he does not like his women to be themselves. He wants them to be sexy — but sexy with what he wants them to wear. The next time she is out she is naked with a stuffed animal. It is like a child holding onto their stuffed animal or their blanket. They do it because [they] feel secure with it. It helps to relieve anxiety. But when a grown woman is naked in public carrying a stuffed animal…”

Ick ick ICK.

Men infantilize women all the time, but it isn’t usually so literal!

Apparently the fashion display was enough to reignite her loved ones’ fear over her well-being. The source added:

“This scares those who know her. Instead of carrying a teddy bear, she should be holding onto her husband’s hand. She is almost a puppet at this point in Kanye’s play.”

That’s seriously SO messed up. We know that Bianca’s sister Angelina seemingly praised one of the Yeezy architect’s recent looks, but it sounds like not everyone is on the same page.

What are YOUR thoughts??  Let us know in the comments down below.

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