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Big Win! Kevin Costner’s Child Support Payments To Ex Christine Get CUT IN HALF!

Big Win! Kevin Costner’s Child Support Payment CUT IN HALF!

Kevin Costner must be breathing a sigh of relief now!

For the past few months, the 68-year-old actor has been in a bitter back-and-forth battle with his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, over how much he should shell out in child support each month. As you may recall, the former handbag designer was asking for an outrageous sum of $248,000 a month in child support before the court ordered Kevin to hand over $129k temporarily.

However, that whopping amount still ended up not being enough for Christine. She later filed to increase it to $175,057 for their three children to “enjoy the same” lavish lifestyle as both parents. Crazy, right? During their court hearing earlier this week, Christine reduced that figure to $161,592. Yeah, we’re not kidding. She really wanted that much each month in child support, arguing that it’s needed since living in luxury was “in their [kids’] DNA at this point.” Seriously?

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But Kevin wasn’t putting up with her reasons, arguing she only asked for more money in order to fund her own lifestyle. He thought the actual month she needed for their child was around $51k a month.

After their nasty courtroom showdown, a decision has been made. According to TMZ, the judge ruled in Kevin’s favor and ordered him to only pay $63,209 a month! This is a huge victory for the Yellowstone star as this is significantly less than what Christine wanted. We’re talking less than half of what she was getting in temporary support! Kevin must be happy about that figure! Christine, on the other hand? We expect she is fuming right now…

She hasn’t addressed the ruling yet. But following the court win, Kevin did speak out for the first time about their divorce in an interview with Access Hollywood. At one point in court, the Oscar winner was accused of making more money than he previously stated in his filings, which led him to quip in reply:

“We’ll have to have a treasure hunt to find it.”

The remark earned him a few laughs. Although he was cracking jokes on the stand during the hearing, he made it clear this whole situation was not a laughing matter. He told the outlet outside the courtroom on Friday:

“Were you laughing? I wasn’t. This is a horrible place to be, but this is where we’re at. It feels so bad. We’re talking about somebody I love on the other side. I just can’t.”

It is sad to see how nasty their breakup has been, especially when they were together for so long. When asked if he “still has love” for Christine, he replied, “Of course,” and believes “everybody” wants things to resolve soon. You can see his interview (below):

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