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Pete Davidson Has Been 'Very Aggressive' & 'Extremely Sexual' In His Pursuit Of Kim Kardashian, Say Her Unimpressed Friends

Pete Davidson Has Been 'Very Aggressive' & 'Extremely Sexual' In His Pursuit, Say Kim Kardashian's Unimpressed Friends

If Kim Kardashian‘s friends are to be believed here, it sounds like this Pete Davidson thing may not last long

That’s the impression being given by a harsh new report published on Friday by, at least, and we’re surprised to hear it all turning like this.

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Voicing their displeasure with the King of Staten Island star, a source who claimed to be close to Kim explained that vibe is all wrong — at least from this insider’s perspective. The insider says Pete has been “very aggressive” in his pursuit of Kim, explaining:

“He grabs her waist, compliments her butt and touches her hair’ when they are together. He is extremely sexual and in her face. He is making it crystal clear he likes her.”


It definitely sounds like Pete is the driving force in whatever relationship is going on. According to this insider, the 27-year-old is really going hard at Kim — despite having been friendly with her ex!

We will say, this perspective on their interaction might be a bit biased. The purported pal doesn’t make it sound like Kim’s crew are fans of Pete’s at all, claiming they all think the New York-based comedian is “gross” because he “looks disheveled all the time.” (TBH, a lot of us would look “disheveled” standing next to a fashion icon. Just saying!!!)

Apparently miffed by Davidson’s penchant for crude jokes, the anonymous insider nevertheless admitted he can be “very funny” and that Kim seems into his act:

“Pete sits right next to Kim, no one else can get near her [which she] seems to enjoy. … He definitely is not being aloof or playing coy, he is just going for it. And she seems to be loving the attention. It’s nice to see her happy.”

So this insider thinks Pete is “gross” — but it sounds like Kim doesn’t!

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At that point, the insider made an inneresting comparison: Kanye West.

Now legally known as Ye, the rapper has been estranged from Kim since she filed for divorce back in February. (Of course, whether or not Ye believes a legal, official divorce is coming is evidently still up for debate.)

While the source doesn’t seem to be Pete’s biggest fan, they did admit how “refreshing” it is that Davidson is so different from the Chicago-born rapper, saying:

“[Pete] is incredibly funny, and everyone is having a good time around him, it’s all laughs. Kanye is a genius and a nice guy, but he was not cracking jokes at the table and getting everyone to laugh like Pete does. You can’t blame Kanye, he’s not a professional comedian. But, yeah, there is definitely a difference, and everyone is welcoming the funny vibe.”

Jeez… Telling it like it is?!

Even so, the source isn’t optimistic about Pim’s future, explaining that the age difference (she’s 41 and he’s 27) may prove to be too much:

“I don’t think she would be serious about a guy that young. Who knows though, maybe she would now. But in the past she has never dated a man that much younger before.”

We should hope not! She and Ye were together since 2012 — if she dated someone 14 years younger then she would have needed to find an 18-year-old!

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For whatever it’s worth, it sounds like Pete is not going to be a part of the Kardashian fam’s upcoming reality TV venture set to stream on Hulu.

According to TMZ, production sources close to the fam have confirmed that reports suggesting Pim’s NYC outings were filmed for the Hulu show are INCORRECT!

Insiders say Kim was not filmed or followed by any production team members or Hulu cameras during her entire trip to New York, including her date nights with Pete. So basically, don’t count on the SNL star popping up on the much-anticipated streaming debut of KUWTK (or whatever it ends up being called)!

Even more amazing, TMZ claims that for Kim’s first dinner date out with Pete, she was able to sneak out of her hotel and hoof it to Staten Island without her big security team. It was such a bare-bones operation, in fact, that she was able to get away with it: no reality TV cameras or paparazzi photogs caught on, and she had the privacy she was seeking. Sounds risky, but it apparently paid off!

The question is, why is Kim keeping this so private? Is it because it’s such a fleeting thing she doesn’t want a big deal made of it? Or because she’s trying to keep it special??

Lots to take in here, y’all. What do U think about all these Pim updates?? Share your takes down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube/KUWTK/YouTube]

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