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Ray J's Jacket Worn In Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Being Auctioned Off -- & You Won't BELIEVE For How Much!

Ray J's Pal Auctioning Off Jacket Worn In Kim Kardashian Sex Tape -- You Won't BELIEVE How Much!

The jacket Ray J wore in part of his now-legendary sex tape with Kim Kardashian is about to go up for auction — and the owner is hoping to come away with a BIG payday!

Fans with sharp memories will recall the Diesel-brand black jacket with white sleeves and red piping the artist wore while filming part of his two decade-old video with the KUWTK alum. The R&B singer also wore it in his One Wish music video, too. So the jacket has seen pop culture fame twice.

But now, years after its run in the entertainment world, the item will soon get a new home. This week, its owner is preparing to auction it off to the highest bidder who wants a piece of sex tape-turned-reality TV history!

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According to The US SunAKLA Media Group, which is also Ray J’s management company, is getting ready to sell off the memorable jacket. Its last owner was L.A. Buck, one of the founders of the group, who is apparently tired of keeping the piece of outerwear stashed away in storage, and so an auction sale is on deck.

With the jacket being tied so closely to such an infamous moment in mega-star Kim’s early life, they’re hopeful there will be lots of interest for the auction. Of course, the sex tape was recorded way back in 2002, and then released as Kim Kardashian, Superstar via Vivid Entertainment in 2007, so it’s not new by any means! But fashion is cyclical — could it be in fashion once again? Ha!

Come to think of it, maybe Kim will be the one to buy it — and then destroy it?! (Uhhh, we’re only half kidding about that.)

The Diesel jacket, which is a size large, was reportedly given over to L.A. Buck by Ray J a long time ago, according to August Keen, the other co-founder of AKLA. He told the news outlet about the company’s plans to put the item on the market:

“L.A. Buck is Ray J’s best friend and it was given to him as a gift many years ago. Of course Ray J knows about [the auction]. He’s absolutely all for it.”

Keen continued, explaining AKLA’s thoughts about where to host the auction and how much the company expects to recoup from the transaction:

“We haven’t chosen an auction house but we are thinking of going with Prop Store Auction. The auction will be in the next few months, but for now we are accepting offers and open to offers. We want to see what people are willing to pay.”

And that’s the thing — even though AKLA apparently isn’t setting a price on the piece, they are really getting their hopes up. The news outlet reported the media group believes it “is worth $150,000.”


Six figures for a 20-year-old jacket?? Yes, it’s part of a memorable moment in pop culture history, but DAMN! Maybe it’d be worth that if Kim had worn it, rather than Ray J. LOLz! Still, Keen was optimistic about what may end up happening when the bids start rolling in:

“We feel the infamous jacket should be owned by someone who appreciates pop culture and would be a good fit for this memorabilia.”

Of course, there’s still lots of money flowing from the sex tape. Not only did it essentially kick off Kim’s now-billion-dollar career, but Ray J is still making coin off it, too! Back in September, the 41-year-old performer appeared on Charlamagne Tha God‘s show Hell Of A Week. Ray J told the on-air personality that royalties form the sex tape are still rolling in:

“I don’t even know [the exact dollar amount]. It’s still making money, now. ‘Til this day.”

In fact, The US Sun reports the Sexy Can I singer supposedly still makes “over $100,000 from royalties per year” from the tape. That’s not chump change!! So with all the money still coming, perhaps there is a six-figure market for the jacket?

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BTW, you can relive the jacket’s glory days via the One Wish music video (below):

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? How much do you think that zip-up will sell for?! This is a crazy story, that’s for sure!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram/Ray J/YouTube]

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