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Yes, Aubrey O'Day Previously Confirmed Kim Kardashian & Travis Barker Used To Hook Up!

Aubrey O'Day claims Kim Kardashian and Travis Barker definitely used to hook up!

According to Aubrey O’DayKim Kardashian and Travis Barker TOTALLY used to hook up!

Of course, the Kim-Travis hookup allegations have been flying around for the last few days after the Blink-182 drummer’s ex, Shanna Moakler, first made headlines with an accusation claiming the former tryst.

And it’s been made ever more relevant now with Travis falling head-over-heels in love with Kim’s older sister Kourtney Kardashian over the last few months!


But to be fair to Travis, Kim, and Kourtney, the drummer’s ex-wife maybe isn’t the most objective accuser in this instance, ya know?! As she’s proven time and again, the former Playboy model is not afraid to publicly shade the s**t out of Kravis — so why not throw some more dirt here with a Kim hookup allegation?!

Ahh, and so this is where former girl group crooner O’Day factors in!

Quick-thinking fans and social media users recalled how back in July 2020, while stuck at home unable to celebrate the Fourth of July due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ex-Danity Kane star shared a few of her most memorable experiences from the past. Writing on her Instagram Stories at the time, nearly 11 months ago now, the 37-year-old pop star recalled some of her best experiences and memories celebrating America’s birthday quite fondly. As it turns out, she’s a fan of fireworks!

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But O’Day also wasn’t shy about sharing her worst experience from a past Independence Day, either, and that’s where Travis and Kim come into play. Aubrey doesn’t mention what year this took place, but in that now-infamous IG Stories post from July 2020, she wastes no time straight-up alleging Kim and Travis were hooking up at the time!

Pauly D‘s ex-GF explained it all (below), writing in that July 2020 post:

“I was ‘bffs’ with Kim Kardashian during a fourth. She was hooking up with Travis Barker and we were at his house… he was really dope. Shanna his ex (who I love) supposedly was threatening to slash her tires (sorry girl but that was funny s**t, I would have too) so they asked her to park her car somewhere else. We took off and went to some BS celeb Malibu parties where she desired to be photographed, and I had to run around house after house in an uncomfortable dress and high heels to appease that. She got all her photos with celebrities accomplished and we headed back to Calabasas.”

OMG! There it is, no time wasted, no walking around it delicately! Kim and Travis were apparently “hooking up”!

And this is particularly wild because, remember, Aubrey posted that last July — months before Travis and Kourtney ever got together. O’Day seemingly had no reason at that point to make up some story about Travis and Kim; them hooking up was incidental to her own story about missing out on fireworks!

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Speaking of the fireworks, O’Day continued her “worst” July 4th tale from there, complaining about Kim’s alleged s**tty behavior and adding (below):

“I was super annoyed that we had to do all of that because I absolutely LOVE fireworks and I have always been in memorable places watching them every year. Because we had to chase clout extra hard we got on [the] freeway late and ended up in her Range Rover as the fireworks started. I obviously would never tell her I was annoyed AF, because you’re not allowed to if you want to be ‘bffs’ with her. So I asked her if she could pull off the road so we could get out and just experience (SOMETHING REAL) the fireworks. And she did. And we sat on this plot of grass watching them and all I remember feeling is relieved to see the beauty of them. And she turned to me and said: ‘you know, last year on the fourth I was on a yacht with Paris Hilton in the middle of some remote beautiful place… and this year I’m sitting on a plot of grass in Calabasas with you.’ Hahahahaha. I was like, Oh… cool.”

Wow!!! WTF, Kim?!

Here’s a screenshot of Aubrey’s full post from back in July 2020 recalling the whole event (below):

Aubrey O'Day claims Kim Kardashian and Travis Barker definitely used to hook up!
This is quite the claim! / (c) Aubrey O’Day/Instagram


A Reddit thread at the time even discussed O’Day’s IG Stories post and the Kim-Travis rumors in the hours after the Danity Kane crooner first hit publish! (You can see that Reddit thread HERE.)


Like we noted (above), O’Day doesn’t give a year for this particular encounter, but there are some clues nevertheless. For one, Kim and Paris Hilton were close friends in the early 2000s, and very much so through 2006 and even 2007. That relationship had started to sour by 2008, and certainly beyond. And remember, Kim met Reggie Bush at the 2007 ESPY Awards — which took place in July of that year — and got together with him shortly thereafter, staying until they split two years later in July 2009.

Furthermore, in the post, Aubrey refers to Shanna as Travis’ “ex.” Obviously, O’Day could be referencing Moakler’s current (2020 and now) relationship to Barker, but if she meant ex at the time of her fireworks story, well, the duo married in 2004 and first filed for divorce in late 2006. They reconciled at some point in 2007, but by February 2008, Barker confirmed they were officially divorced and done for good.

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So take that on-again, off-again relationship timeline along with Kim’s purported “yacht with Paris” comment, their friendship history, and Kim’s time with Reggie, and perhaps Aubrey’s 4th of July horror story — and Kim hooking up with Travis — occurred in 2007? Or maybe 2008 — but most likely July 2007, if you ask us!

Regardless, this whole thing is a wild blast from the past, and a seemingly nearly iron-clad confirmation that, yes, Kim and Travis did in fact hook up in the past.

Does “sloppy seconds” count if more than a decade goes by in between?! Should this be weird AF for Kourt and Kim, or nah?? Looks like Shanna was telling the truth after all, eh?!

We wonder how Kourtney feels about all this??? Shoot, how do Y’ALL feel about all this?!

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Kourtney Kardashian/Aubrey O’Day/Shanna Moakler/Instagram]

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