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Olivia Wilde & Harry Styles Were Reportedly 'Very Careful' About Their Relationship While Working Together!

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles were sneaky AF with their new relationship early on!

These two sure knew how to keep a secret, as it turns out!

We continue to learn more — and be obsessed with — everything about Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles right now! And as it turns out, the pair had a serious thing going on while working on the set of their upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling, only to have masterfully kept it a secret from everyone!

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A source is sharing more new information about the unexpected couple this weekend, dishing dirt this time to Us Weekly that sheds light on how things blossomed in secret for a while on set.

As you’ll recall, the 36-year-old woman and 26-year-old man initially connected on set of their upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling. But while they decided to pursue something mutually pretty soon thereafter, they took great pains to ensure that nobody around them would have any idea! Whoa!

The source dished on that dynamic, revealing (below):

“Olivia and Harry were able to keep their relationship under wraps for a bit before it became public knowledge. They were very careful about it and even sleuthy at times, although the small group of people who were on set with them every day eventually figured it out.”

Careful and sleuthy! So these two were serious about making things work without anybody around them having any idea!

Of course, a set is a pretty condensed environment, so it’s perhaps not surprising that people eventually found out. Still, the whole thing is wild!

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The source here echoes more chatter about one other thing, too: a repeated claim that Styles did not break up Wilde’s years-long engagement to 45-year-old actor Jason Sudeikis. Of course, the pair broke up early last year, though it wasn’t officially revealed in public for several months afterwards.

The insider noted that the long-standing pair and current co-parents were “already done” before she ever moved on with the former One Direction frontman, simply summing the status up (below):

“Harry did not break up an engagement.”

Well then!

We’re just going crazy over here because Harry and Olivia are most certainly not still being stealthy or sleuthy or otherwise mysterious with their connection! Not in the last few days, at least! And we’re here for it!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Still shocked by the discovery of this sleuthy couple?? Or have you wrapped your head around it in the first few days now since it was first revealed to the world??

Sound OFF down in the comments (below) with your reactions and more!

[Image via Tony Oudot/WENN/Avalon]

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