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Pete Davidson's Dating Streak Continues -- Spotted Out And About With Emily Ratajkowski!

Pete Davidson's Dating Streak Continues -- Spotted Out And About With Emily Ratajkowski!

Pete Davidson‘s stellar streak of A-list love continues!

The Saturday Night Live alum was said to have been spotted on a date recently with Emily Ratajkowski. It’s definitely noteworthy to hear the 28-year-old comedian and the sexy supermodel are linked. Of course, EmRata has been dating around with several other well-known celebs recently, too. So she’s clearly enjoying her single life. And so is Pete!

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This new info was first dished out via Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi on Sunday. An anonymous follower reached out to the celeb tracker with a tip that the two stars were supposedly seen getting cozy in Brooklyn. It’s unclear where exactly this went down in the NYC borough, but the eagle-eyed observer seemed shocked to see the two stars together out in the wild!

The tip kicked off like this:

“Can’t believe I’m saying this, anon pls. Em Rata and Pete Davidson on a date in Brooklyn together.”

And it sounds like there was some chemistry between ’em!

The tipster explained how they saw some sweet and sexy physical interaction between Pete and Em, before adding a supposition about what may be going on behind closed doors:

“Holding hands and ALLLLL. his hands were allll over her and they’re clearly hooking up.”


No insiders have yet confirmed that reported sighting. Still, a jaunt out together would make at least some sense for both the Meet Cute star and the 31-year-old model and actress. Each of them are back on the market and newly single, after all!

For Pete, he and Kim Kardashian broke up earlier this year after months of dating following the reality TV star’s split from Kanye West. Pete was very popular before that (umm, hello, Kate Beckinsale and Ariana Grande?!), but his connection to Kim sent the comic into the romantic stratosphere! It also doesn’t hurt that he’s particularly, uh, equipped in certain key areas…

As for EmRata, she just split from her husband of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClard, back in September amid allegations of his infidelity. Since then, the mom has been dating around with other high-profile people, reportedly including Brad Pitt. And there have been plenty of steamy dates with other men recently, as well. She’s very clearly playing the field!

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To that end, we’re gonna hold off just a bit on anointing these two as the next “it” couple. It doesn’t surprise us to hear there is chemistry here. But with both parties enjoying being single, it seems like they’re just having casual fun, ya know?!

Cuffing season is upon us, but we won’t consider this duo cuffed up until Pete brings her across the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge and home to Staten Island. Nothing against Brooklyn, but that will be how you know it’s serious! Ha!

That said… what do U think Pete and Emily’s couple name would be?? Share your thoughts down in the comments (below)!!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram]

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