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Where Prince William Stands With Alleged Mistress Rose Hanbury Today After 'Fallout' From Cheating Rumors

Prince William Distanced Himself From Female Friend Rose Hanbury Following ‘Fallout’ From Cheating Rumors!

It’s no fluke that Prince William and Princess Catherine no longer mingle with their former friend Rose Hanbury!

In Omid Scobie‘s controversial new book Endgame, the royal insider addresses rumors from 2019 that claimed the Prince of Wales was cheating on his wife with his 39-year-old pal, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley (who’s married to David Cholmondeley). Despite the royals never addressing the salacious claims, the biographer believes there is absolutely no truth to the allegations. Still, this didn’t stop him from putting it all in print. LOLz!

If you don’t recall the scandal, Rose used to be a super close friend of the Cambridges, basically neighbors, and even attended their 2011 wedding. But all that changed when allegations emerged suggesting William had an illicit affair with Rose sometime in late 2017, early 2018 — while Kate Middleton was pregnant with their youngest, Prince Louis!! (By the way, that’s the pregnancy in which she suffered hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that’s pretty much like having morning sickness all the time, so if all this is true, it’s extra s**tty).

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While discussing the aftermath of the rumored relationship drama, the author told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday:

“I was very careful in the book to really focus on this, as the allegations against William, Kate’s and their fallout with Rose Hanbury. For legal reasons, there are so many things that one can’t go into.”

Somebody better check the Dutch version — we know that translation’s ignored these legal concerns already! Hah!

Despite Rose seemingly getting exiled from William and Kate’s life — a sign to many that maybe something did happen — Omid is pretty confident there was never an affair, he added:

“I thought it was really important [to mention], even if a rumor is a rumor. And I really don’t see proof that there is more to this than just a tittle-tattle, you know.”

Interestingly, because the famous couple “never addressed it” themselves at the time, Omid thinks it’ll likely “never go away,” but urged:

“There’s no truth to suggest that they [the rumors] are true.”

Funny enough, part of the reason the royal expert — who has long been criticized for seemingly favoring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle —  decided to continue to perpetuate the so-called fake news is because he used it as an opportunity to bash The Firm’s agenda against the Sussexes. He noted:

“I thought it was really interesting to analyze how the palace dealt with that. The worst case scenarios that they feared would happen, you know, just those rumors themselves were going to have enough impact, negatively, on William’s reputation. We still see them [the rumors] trend on Twitter on a regular basis … that’s something that’s incredibly damaging, I think, for William. It probably looks even worse, actually, that there was a kind of willingness to throw Harry under the bus simply to make these things disappear.”

Of course, while the future King and Queen have distanced themselves from the model, they can’t completely avoid Rose. She attended Prince Philip‘s 2021 memorial, for example, and her 13-year-old son was a page of honor alongside Prince George at King Charles III‘s coronation. Kate was even seen on her estate for a music festival this year. Still, it sounds like they’ll never get what they had back — whether that’s just a super tight friendship or, y’know, something more.

Despite this mess, Will and Kate have remained a united front. Per the new book, Scobie spoke with several close friends of the Duke of Cambridge, who said the husband and wife have a true “partnership” and a “lifetime commitment” to one another. Sources have previously said they’re “more in sync than ever,” even as the rumors have continued to resurface. So if you’re betting on seeing Willz and Rosey hanging out for a chat anytime soon, forget about it.

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