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Kim's Relationship With Pete & Kanye, Khloé's Tristan Situation, & Kourtney's Pregnancy Journey On FULL Display In Bombshell New Kardashians Trailer!

Kim's Relationship With Pete & Kanye, Khloé's Tristan Situation, & Kourtney's Pregnancy Are On FULL Display In Bombshell New Kardashians Trailer!

The KarJenner fam is back with another new trailer for The Kardashians, their forthcoming streaming series set to debut on Hulu in April. And this new teaser is by FAR the best of the bunch!

In a two-minute clip released via YouTube and elsewhere across social media on Monday morning, Kim Kardashian and the rest of the famous fam dive into their highly-anticipated new streaming series, and WE. SEE. IT. ALL!!!

From Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker baby planning, to Khloé Kardashian explaining her “complicated” situation with Tristan Thompson, to Kylie Jenner‘s second pregnancy, it’s all there! And yes, the new clip also addresses Kim’s split from Kanye West and new romantic connection to Pete Davidson, as well…

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It all starts with a shot of Kourtney’s beautiful Calabasas-area home, and the Poosh founder delivering this voiceover:

“Life without cameras was a big change for us.”

Yeah, no kidding! A second shot of Kendall Jenner shows the model teasing what’s to come:

“I think it’s time to see a whole new side of the family.”

Kim takes the reins from there, referencing the hiatus following their KUWTK run and alluding to what may be ahead:

“We’ve had so much time off, we’ve kind of gone into our own worlds. I’m excited for this new chapter, and I’ve been in this game long enough to know that you just have to be yourself.”

Interestingly, that comment is followed by a joke from none other than Kourt’s ex Scott Disick, who says to Kim:

“They’re going to like you for who you are, not what you wear. I’m just kidding. Obviously.”

Hmmm… Insiders have alleged Scott was more or less cut out of the Hulu run?! And he was nowhere to be found in earlier teaser clips. But he figures fairly prominently in several shots throughout this trailer! Interesting!

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Later in the 122-second video, Khloé addresses her ongoing unfortunate situation with Tristan, saying this in a confessional:

“Tristan and I are complicated.”

Before adding this in a convo with the NBA star himself:

“Trust takes time.”

Yeah, no kidding… In another clip, Kourtney explains her intentions with her lovely rock star fiancé:

“Travis and I want to have a baby.”

Love it!

And then, during some kind of apparent medical outing to test Travis’, um, virility, Kourtney jokes about the couple’s sex life in a closed-door commentary about some adult deeds:

“We’ll take our mics off, so you don’t get the audio.”


Pete does pop up (kind of) in the trailer, introduced when momager Kris Jenner muses on the unlikely nature of the Saturday Night Live star’s arrival in Kim’s life:

“This is a relationship that I don’t think anybody saw coming.”

You can say that again!

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But the teaser takes a more serious turn when Kim starts to explain her split from the Hurricane rapper. Talking to Kourtney in one quick clip, the SKIMS mogul concerningly shares:

“It is really hard with Kanye. He told me my career is over.”

Then, Khloé delivers a heartfelt line while in tears, extolling her sisters with this out of context plea:

“Why are we always making excuses for the people that traumatize us?”

TBH, that could be about a lot of things the family has gone through. Kim appears to take charge in another shot later in the teaser. On the phone, the KKW Beauty exec angrily says to someone:

“We have all of the time, and all of the resources, to burn them all to the f**king ground.”


But it’s all summed up with one telling Godfather reference. In a final shot, Khloé says this to Kris and Scott:

“Never go against the family.”

And the momager parrots it back approvingly:

“Never go against the family.”


And entertaining AF! You can watch the entire trailer (below):

What’d U think about this teaser, Perezcious readers?! Are U ready for the fam’s April 14 Hulu debut?? This trailer was a LOT of fun, TBH. And full of a lot of drama, too! We’re here for the KarJenner fam’s return to reality television! How about you?! Sound OFF with your thoughts on the clip down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube]

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