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Whoa! Sources Claim Yolanda Hadid LIED About Zayn Malik Fight To Get Him Deported!

yolanda hadid, zayn malik : blind item says yolanda lied to get zayn deported

This could be a dark new twist in the Yolanda Hadid vs. Zayn Malik feud.

As you may recall, Gigi Hadid’s romance with her baby daddy came to a sad end after Zayn allegedly got into a physical altercation with Yolanda. The One Direction alum was accused of striking the Real Housewife during an argument; he later denied this accusation but said he agreed not to contest the charges in order to protect his daughter Khai’s peace and privacy. Unfortunately, details of the argument and the allegations were leaked to the press anyway.

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Rumors have since swirled about what actually went down and why. The singer confirmed only that he had “an argument… with a family member of my partner’s who entered our home while my partner was away” and noted that the info was “‘leaked’ to the press” by someone close. Speculation afterwards pegged Yolanda as the family member — as well as the leaker. Insiders said the Bravo alum frequently disrespected Zayn’s boundaries and, on the day of the argument, had barged into his home uninvited.

Now new sources have emerged seemingly claiming that the physical aspect of the fight, that Zayn “shoved [Yolanda] into a dresser causing mental anguish and physical pain” — the one thing he’s always denied — was entirely fabricated on the reality star’s part for extremely nefarious purposes.

As reported by Aceshowbiz, the tea account Bravo and Cocktails received a blind item which read:

“Word on the street from her former assistant is that this ex-housewife and mama to top models made the whole thing up about her daughter’s baby daddy. She didn’t like him.”

Another tip came in with more context:

“There’s more to pretty little liar!!! She wanted him to be sent to England to be done with him. As in he can’t come to the states at all. Deported!”

Holy s**t. That’s a really serious allegation!

The insider added:

“Completely fabricated the story but since he’s not exactly sober it’s easier to get over on him. Like, she had his people in her pocket. Real dark stuff. … Don’t think [her] daughter/ his baby mama knew the plan. Don’t think her sis did either.”

Wow… so not only was Yolanda supposedly lying to the cops about him, she misled her own daughters???

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Of course, these are blind items that never mention names, but they’re clearly way too specific to be talking about anyone else. Thankfully later on we got confirmation when a screenshot was posted from the alleged assistant with the inside scoop. (You can see it in the TikTok below.) In a series of direct messages, they wrote:

“So Yolanda always hated zayn. and she’s the drama. Her plan was to get him for domestic violence so he would be sent back to England far away from G. But it didn’t work. … They did break up tho, but zayn is the NICEST human ever.”

This person added:

“I was their assistant for 4 years and finally had to quit- everything you read negatively about her online is true sadly.”

@thedallasryan Reply to @m4ry4mr #zaynmalik #yolandahadid ♬ Thinking with My Dick (feat. Juicy J) – Kevin Gates

This is an incredibly chilling twist… and obviously a resoundingly serious allegation. We should make clear we have no way to vet whether this person really is Yolanda’s ex-employee or if what they’re saying is true.

We’re almost hoping it’s not true, because if it is… it would be honestly downright evil of Yolanda. Lying to the police like that is a super dangerous thing to do, especially for a person of color like Zayn. And it had serious repercussions for his career, too! Whatever the truth is, we hope Gigi figures it out (and responds accordingly) for the sake of her daughter.

[Image via Harper’s Bazaar/YouTube & Zayn Malik/Instagram]

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