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Former Bachelorette Clare Crawley Enjoys 'Very Romantic' 40th Birthday Getaway With Dale Moss!

The Bachelorette's Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are back together again... for her birthday getaway, at least!

Clare Crawley‘s 40th birthday was a special one — and not just because she spent it in the heart of California’s beautiful wine country in the Napa Valley! No, the headline here is all about how the former Bachelorette enjoyed the big day as part of a “very romantic” getaway with none other than ex-fiancé Dale Moss!

Yes, these two have gone back and forth between breakup and makeup. In fact, to hear a source tell it, they are really putting in the work to make this thing work. Could true love win out after all?!

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Speaking to E! News about the Sacramento native and her hunky 32-year-old beau, a source relayed some details about the trip, and it sounds DIVINE! The insider dished (below):

“Clare spent her 40th birthday with Dale and they escaped to a resort in Napa for a few days last week. It was a very romantic few days together. Dale made her feel like a queen on her birthday and she was very happy. They drank champagne, laid by the pool and went wine tasting together, and it was everything Clare wanted.”

Awww! Love it! That same source also claimed Dale is “really putting in the effort” recently, especially following the pair’s ugly split back in January. It sounds surprising to us considering the couple’s back-and-forth over the past few months, but the insider insists things are back on track:

“They are definitely acting like they are back together and it seems to be going well. They both agreed they want to try and be more private as the public attention was putting stress on their relationship.”

And all this, after the duo was spotted kissing and holding hands in NYC just a week ago, too!

Now, neither one has publicly commented on the current status of their relationship, and while they each shared social media pics from Napa, they didn’t post any photos together. So they’re not being quite as public with things now as they’d been in the past, at least.

But that no-pressure thing might just work out for them yet! As you’ll recall from our earlier reporting on this couple’s apparent comeback, an insider previously noted they are “hanging out and having fun,” and “taking things slowly” rather than committing to a full-on engagement, like they did upon their early departure from last season of The Bachelorette.

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And yet we’ve heard from other sources who are skeptical about this couple’s future. Late last month, other sources downplayed the pair’s earlier Florida reunion and showed major cynicism about any future here.

So which is it, then?!

Like many relationships — especially like this one — it appears there’s no clear answer. At least not yet! Guess it’s just best to stay tuned and take the good news with the bad as Clare and Dale figure out exactly who they are in each other’s lives.

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Any advice for this reality TV couple as they ride the wave between rift and reconciliation?? Where do U think they’ll end up when it’s all said and done — together or apart? Sound OFF with your take on these two down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Clare Crawley/Dale Moss/Instagram]

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