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Ben Affleck 'Giving Up' On Dating After Ana De Armas Breakup

Ben Affleck Ana De Armas Breakup Single Giving Up

Wow, this breakup really hit Ben Affleck hard!

As we’ve been reporting, Ana De Armas broke up with the Way Back actor following nearly a year of dating after meeting on the set of an erotic thriller called Deep Water.

Since his divorce, the once and future Batman has had his share of romances — and, as follows, breakups — but this seems different somehow. We certainly didn’t see him lose, conservatively, 40 lbs after ending things with that Playboy model. Obviously, we can’t know for sure the Justice League star’s weight loss is over the breakup — he could be altering his look for a role.

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But a new source speaking to The Mirror over the weekend seems to back up the notion that the actor-writer-director is really hurting. The insider says:

“Ben accepts he would be better off being single for a while.”

Aw, really? The source continues:

“Unless there’s some miracle and Ana comes back asking for another chance. He is really focused on prioritizing himself and his kids rather than relationships, and his friends have been joking about him taking an oath of celibacy.”

An oath of celibacy?! Say it ain’t so!

The insider adds, noting Ben’s, er, prolific dating history:

“Whether or not he can stay single for long remains to be seen.”

At least he has some backup. According to the source, Affleck’s inner circle agree with the course of action, urging him to “work on himself” and “stop rushing into very intense relationships, which implode as soon as the honeymoon’s over.”

Implode… indeed that’s what seems to have happened with Ana. We’ve still been trying to peg down the exact reason for the split (which reportedly happened over the phone –ouch!) as sources seem to be a little hazy.

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For instance we’ve heard Ana wanted to do more traveling once the pandemic was over, something Ben can’t really do because he’s a responsible father of three who doesn’t want to be apart from his kids. But we’ve also heard the Knives Out star is the one who wants to settle down and get hitched — and pop out her own babies with the star. However, the 48-year-old, who has already been down that road, wasn’t in the same place in his life and wasn’t ready to do all that again. Hmm.

Not to mention we’d heard the split was “amicable” and gradual and even mutual — but the sight of a cardboard cutout of Ana being shoved headfirst into the trash can outside Ben’s house made the whole thing seem a lot more heated.

Whatever happened, it seems the “honeymoon” with Ana was something it will take Ben a long time to get over. Do YOU think he’ll actually stay single for long??

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