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More Audio Suddenly Surfaces Of Bianca Censori's Smooth Speaking Voice -- Listen HERE!

More Audio Suddenly Surfaces Of Bianca Censori's Smooth Speaking Voice -- Listen HERE!

Bianca Censori is speaking out loud… again!

OK, presumably she speaks out loud all the time. But not to the media, and not in public where the rest of the world can hear her! In fact, she’s been so publicly quiet ever since getting with Kanye West that it was HUGE news late last week when footage suddenly popped up with her talking on camera from over a year ago! That new-old resurfaced video marked the first time that shocked fans had ever heard her voice. And now, even more old footage has once again surfaced! Surprise!!

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On Sunday, an Instagram account promoting travel and tourism in the Mediterranean island nation of Malta released footage from a guest lecture Bianca delivered virtually to design students learning under professor Anthony Bonnici at the University of Malta way back in 2022. During the lecture, the 29-year-old Aussie was joined in the video call by fellow Yeezy architectural designer Tanil Raif. The duo gave a talk to the students who amassed virtually on the subject of primitive futurism and the design principles behind it. And Bianca sounded great — and SUPER knowledgeable!

During the Zoom call, she sported a longer hairstyle than the short look she’s shown in recent months at the Hurricane rapper’s side. She also rocked a blue choker necklace in the clip. Sadly, the rest of her outfit was out of frame and couldn’t be seen. She was all business, too. She led the discussion while Raif and the students followed along. She first began things with a quote from the famed early 20th century Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, who often published under the name Alberto Caeiro:

“To eat a fruit is to know its meaning.”

Then, in her own words to lead off the longer lecture, Censori said:

“As designers and architects, we are incessantly chasing the paradigm shift. We talk about it, we design it, we manifest it. But design in its essence will never be encapsulated by a single aesthetic movement. It is pure nature. We believe the paradigm shift lies in humanizing design. The ability to recognize what it is truly to be a human being living in within a built environment. Understanding the needs we have as a collective and designing for that in the most simplistic and functional way.”

Wise! And it went on from there! Ch-ch-check out the video (below):


As they do with pretty much everything the Aussie-born Bianca and her music mogul man do, fans weighed in quickly down in the comments. Here are just a few of their takes (below):

“The only lecture I regret to have missed”

“I’m shocked. Lol”

“Oh she can speak”

“Pretty sad she is so intellectually smart and got involved with gross Kanye!”

“She used to wear clothes back then”

“She’s very smart. I also think she knows what she’s doing right now”

Welp! Like we said, this is the second time Bianca’s speaking voice has made headlines in just the past week alone. Clearly, people are REALLY interested in how she sounds. Maybe Ye should put her on his next album?? LOLz!! Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! Share ’em in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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