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Jamie Foxx Reportedly Getting Medical Treatment At Renowned Physical Rehab Center In Chicago

Jamie Foxx Now Reportedly Getting Medical Treatment At Renowned Physical Rehab Center In Chicago

We are still praying for Jamie Foxx as he’s still receiving medical care after serious health issues first surfaced last month down in Atlanta.

As we’ve been reporting, the longtime actor has been under the care of doctors for quite a while now after a mysterious medical complication back in April. Now, it’s still unclear exactly what’s going on, but there at least appear to be updates coming.

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According to a Monday afternoon report by TMZ, Foxx has been moved from an Atlanta-area hospital to a new specialist rehab and treatment center in Chicago. That outlet reports the 55-year-old movie star is in a facility those in the healthcare industry say is “the top physical medicine and rehabilitation center in the country.”

Like we noted up top, it’s still not clear exactly what health issue has placed him in that specialist center. But the news org did post pics from the weekend showing his daughters Corinne and Anelise — as well as Anelise’s mom, Kristin Grannis — all showing up to the center in Chi-Town. They were there on both Saturday and Sunday, per the outlet, to “spend time with Foxx during his continued care.”

Anelise brought a guitar with her to the medical center this weekend. And Kristin left the building on Sunday holding a Mother’s Day balloon and flowers. Those could definitely be good indications that everyone there is in somewhat good spirits as Jamie continues treatment. As TMZ notes, observers are hopeful signs like that indicate the star is alert and responsive. (You can see pictures of Jamie’s family heading into the rehab center from this past weekend HERE.)

As for the center itself, the news org reports it specializes in “stroke recovery, traumatic brain injury rehab, spinal cord injury rehab and cancer rehabilitation.” Obviously, that’s quite a wide range of medical issues. So, it doesn’t necessarily give us any insight into what the Day Shift actor is going through specifically. But with the expertise of doctors and medical staff there, we can only hope this stay will be a good thing for the beloved screen star.

In fact, a new source told the media outlet Jamie actually arrived at this Chicago facility “in late April” after being transferred in from Atlanta. Insiders are pretty tight-lipped about specifics beyond that, but one did tell TMZ that the Project Power star is “recovering well.” So that would seem to be good news, too!

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Still, it’s a confusing time. As Perezcious readers may recall, late last week, Corinne claimed her father had been out of the hospital for “weeks” and was “recuperating” while playing pickleball. And yet that claim may not be totally at odds with this new report about Foxx’s Chicago medical observation. As TMZ notes, this Illinois rehab center “offers an adaptive sports and fitness program,” which could explain the presence of pickleball in the star’s life.

Whatever the case, it’s been a very tough and uncertain month for Foxx, his family, and his concerned fans.

Here’s hoping he continues to recuperate, and all signs continue to point towards healing and good health.

Sending love and light!

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