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Zoey 101 Alum Alexa Nikolas Claims Joe Jonas 'Asked For Nudes' Of Her As A Teen!

Joe Jonas Asked Alexa Nikolas For Nudes

We knew those purity rings were total B.S. but WOW.

In the aftermath of Joe Jonas filing for divorce from Sophie Turner, the media has really been taken on a roller coaster ride. Early sources claimed the friction between the couple was due to “different lifestyles” — with Joe wanting to stay at home and Sophie wanting to go out and party all the time.

But the more time everyone had to digest all that, the worse it sat with us. We mean, we have plenty of evidence of both Joe and Sophie saying the opposite — that she was the “homebody” and he was the partier. This has looked more and more like a sneaky campaign of strategically placed stories: sources say this, the divorce filing is at exactly the right time, etc. The overall effect makes Sophie look like she’s out drinking all the time while Joe is the perfect dad.

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It’s become so obvious, in fact, that it’s backfired. Not only do the increasingly media-savvy public smell a rat, we’re all starting to look back at Joe’s previous interactions with women. For instance there are the multiple Taylor Swift songs supposedly about the Cake By The Ocean singer. And now we have a brand new one that’s feeling ickier than anything we’ve heard before.

Alexa Nikolas put the Jonas Brothers frontman on blast Friday amid the media circus, taking to X (Twitter) to drop a BOMB. She wrote simply:

“I met Joe Jonas when we were teens and let’s just say he’s the guy who wore a purity ring but asked for nudes


OK, to be fair this is NOT comparable to Alexa’s shocking allegations against Jonah Hill, who she says tried to make out with her at a party, as an adult, knowing she was underage. Joe is only three years older than the Zoey 101 star.


That three years is a big deal when you consider the timing. She says they were both teens. Was this when she was 16 and he was 19, as pictured above? Pretty creepy if so. Maybe she was 13 and he was 16? Yeahhhhh…There isn’t really a timeframe we can come up with where it doesn’t feel icky, we have to say. And this isn’t just him hitting on her, she says the boy asked her for nude pics! That def takes the predatory implications up a notch. Oof.

Will more women come out with stories about Joe in retaliation for what’s being increasingly seen as a smear campaign? It’s not exactly a secret the purity rings were junk. Even Sophie herself joked about it on the Jonas Brothers Family Roast, saying:

“Joe Jonas wasn’t just sticking his fingers in some dumb metal rings. He was sticking his fingers in co-stars, actresses, and even a supermodel or two.”

Was he doing worse? Will more come to light? What do YOU think of this brand new allegation?

[Image via PNP/Rachel Worth/MEGA/WENN.]

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