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Julia Fox Talks Kanye West Romance, Denies It's A PR Stunt, & Discusses Working With Pete Davidson!

Julia Fox Talks Kanye West Romance, Denies It's A PR Stunt, & Discusses Working With Pete Davidson!

Julia Fox has had a crazy last few weeks — and now she’s ready to REALLY open up about it!

The Uncut Gems actress took to her Spotify exclusive podcast Forbidden Fruits this week to discuss her romance with Kanye West, her early fandom of Kim Kardashian‘s reality TV empire, and what it was like to work on a photoshoot with Kim’s new love Pete Davidson. Oh, boy, is there ever a lot to take in on this one!

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Of course, Fox’s new pod convo comes on the heels of Pim‘s most recent public outing — a dinner date with a sweet dessert treat out in El Lay.

We mention that because hours after Kim and Pete stepped out, Kanye struck back with his own public PDA sesh with Fox! NGL, it gave off some “staged for PR” vibes! Just saying!

So in speaking along with her co-host, Niki Takesh, it was good that the 31-year-old actress decided to open up a bit about her headline-grabbing romance with the 44-year-old rapper. And when Takesh prodded the star about her current status with Ye, Fox ‘fessed up to the couple keeping things low-key even while not being shy about showing their love to the public:

“For right now, I’m just living in the moment and I don’t have any expectations. There are no labels. None of that. It’s just people that make each other feel better. It’s really such a Gemini-Aquarius connection. It’s very inspirational.”

OK then!

The actress confirmed what others have long said about Ye, explaining that he is “really a genius.” To that end, she reflected on his supposed quick-working mind and penchant for taking action:

“We keep up with each other, which is cool. Our minds, we both work very fast… I talk very fast and can have 10 trains of thought. What’s really exciting about him is that any idea can become a reality, anything is possible, any dream is possible, and I love that. He’s such a doer. He’s like, ‘Let’s do it now! Don’t wait.'”

Honestly, based on everything we’ve ever covered about the man, that perfectly sums up Ye! It’s clear Julia is really into the recording artist and fashion designer, too. Nothing wrong with that! It’s just, well, at one point in the podcast she said this about watching him lay down new tracks with Future:

“It’s honestly just an honor to be in the presence and to be able to witness history happening. Even being in the studio with him and Future and listening to the new songs — which by the way are f**king insane — that’s really cool. I love that.”

Honey, this man already tried to make history recently and it was a s**t show. You can just love his music and appreciate it without going overboard about it!

Julia did dive into more serious topics, though. At one point, she reflected on the public’s perception of Ye’s mental health history, and likened it to some of her own struggles:

“Ye has been open about his mental health struggles and I feel like I have been as well. I feel like we need to destigmatize it, and stop shaming us. Like, what the hell? We didn’t ask to be f**king born this way.”

So maybe these two have more in common than what’s readily apparent?

The Uncut Gems alum did allude to that a bit at one point in the talk with Takesh. After admitting that the press thinks her new relationship “came out of left field,” Julia says close friends have actually been taking a different route:

“All the people that [West and I] have in common have texted me and been like, ‘Oh my God, this makes so much sense.'”

Interesting! Maybe there’s more here than just a PR stunt or a quickie rebound revenge shot at Ye’s estranged wife?? At one point, Julia balked at a previous characterization of her Keeping Up With The Kardashians fandom. As Perezcious readers will recall, Fox had previously gone on record (in a quote from a prior episode of this very same podcast series!) discussing how much she loves the KarJenner brand.

But now, she says… that’s not the case?! At least, not to the degree that it’s been made out on social media:

“Who wasn’t a fan of the Kardashians, OK? I’m not like diehard, like ‘stand in line in the cold,’ or like ‘go to, like, a store opening.’ I don’t even own one lip kit. Guys, it’s not really that serious.”

Hmmm… And yet she still very proudly modeled for SKIMS tho

Just saying!

Speaking of photoshoots from 2019, Julia also owned up about some prior work she’d done with Kim’s new boyfriend. Fox shot a spread with the Saturday Night Live star for Paper that year, which is interesting now that we all how these two romances are working out.

But Julia said there just isn’t much more to her old shoot with Pete:

“It’s funny to see where people go with their conspiracy theories. I love the Paper magazine cover of me and Pete, that shoot that we did and we’re the Barbie dolls. That’s really meta… We were all connected even prior, you know what I mean? We’re all artists.”

That’s fair!

By the end of it all, Fox was pretty clear on arguing at least one thing: her relationship with Yeezy is not a PR stunt.

She explained:

“There’s always people that think that every single celebrity scandal is a set up. I personally don’t… He was with a reality star for a really long time. I feel like he’s really open. He did say that he likes that I’m very expressive. I’m just living my f**king life, guys.”

Well that’s certainly one way to put it! What do y’all think of Julia’s comments on her connection to Kanye??

Sound OFF with your thoughts on this couple down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Sheri Determan/MEGA/WENN/Avalon]

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