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How Katy Perry Feels About The American Idol Drama!

How Katy Perry Feels About American Idol Backlash!

Is Katy Perry doing her best to ignore the American Idol critics???

For those who haven’t been keeping up, the 38-year-old singer has been facing a ton of backlash throughout season 21 of the singing competition series due to her “rude” comments toward some of the contestants. The controversy started when she was accused of “mom-shaming” by Sara Beth Liebe. During her audition, Katy joked the aspiring musician was “laying on the table too much” for being a mom of three at the age of 25. But that comment didn’t go over too well with the former contestant! She slammed Katy’s “hurtful” remark on TikTok in March, saying:

“I think that it’s hard enough to be a mom and it’s hard enough to be a woman.”

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Following the awkward moment, Sara made it through to Hollywood Week. Her American Idol journey sadly came to an end when she decided to leave the competition to be with her kids. After her sudden exit, she then clarified she was “not even mad” at Katy over what happened at the end of the day.

But the Teenage Dream artist’s “mean” streak didn’t end once Sara dropped out of the show! Katy also came under fire (and got booed) after criticizing contestant Nutsa Buzaladze for dressing in sparkly costumes. The backlash continued a few weeks later when she begged American Idol fans to vote after Wé Ani was not eliminated from the competition – but judge favorite Elijah McCormick had been kicked off. Yikes…

Katy has not had the best season, to say the least. It’s been so bad that fans were even hoping she was permanently removed from the show after Ryan Seacrest announced that Alanis Morissette and Ed Sheeran are joining Luke Bryan at the judges’ table next week in place of Katy and Lionel Richie. However, the move is only temporary since the two judges will be in London to perform at King Charles’ coronation concert. Still, fans are clearly not vibing with Miz Katy this season!

So what does she think about the social media frenzy surrounding her “rude” behavior? Well, the momma of one doesn’t seem too worried about it! According to Page Six, a source shared that Katy isn’t letting the criticism from viewers or contestants get her down right now:

“Katy isn’t fazed by the backlash. This has been a roller-coaster season with a lot of great talent, so she is just doing her job.”

The insider went on to defend the Firework singer, saying she “has a unique sense of humor that may not always translate well on camera, but she never has any ill intent.” They then added:

“She’s a mentor and a friend to the contestants.”

“Friend to the contestants” might be a stretch – at least for a few of them! Sara Beth might feel differently about that…

Let’s be real here, though! Have there been a few not-so-good moments from Katy this season? Yes. But it is nothing like the early days of American Idol when Simon Cowell was reigning with terror over the judge’s table! Some of those comments from him back then were pretty brutal…

What do YOU think about the controversy, Perezcious readers? Do you think Katy has been harsh this season, or do you believe viewers are overreacting? Do you want her to continue as a judge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Image via American Idol/YouTube]

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