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Did Kourtney Kardashian QUIT Hulu Show?? Fans Think So -- And Insider Claims It's Coming!

Did Kourtney Kardashian Quit Filming Fam's Hulu Show?? Fans Think So -- And Insider Claims It's Close!

Could Kourtney Kardashian have just quit filming the fam’s Hulu reality show?? And in the middle of a season, no less?!

Fans are starting to wonder about that after the third episode of Season 4 of The Kardashians dropped on the streaming service on Thursday. The 44-year-old barely appeared in it, and hasn’t really appeared in most of the season so far — save for that massive phone fight with sis Kim Kardashian.

In the newly-released third ep, the Lemme lead only takes part in a brief confessional clip. In that, she speaks about the dynamic of a sisterly relationship. But then… that’s it! The rest of the ep focuses on Kim, sis Khloé Kardashian, and family matriarch Kris Jenner. Heck, even Scott Disick has a long on-air run in the latest ep! But Kourt?! Nnnnnope!!

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Over on X (Twitter), fans are starting to notice. Here are a few of the comments that have picked up on Kourt’s interesting and observable lack of air time from the fam’s latest streaming content:

“Still no my Kourtney in next week’s episode? Boring”

“Kourtney could really have her own show called The Barker Bunch with her blended family and stepchildren music aspirations.”

“Ok but did they dock Kourtney’s pay for this season? because she ain’t done a damn thing yet.”

Over on Reddit, users of the r/KUWTK sub, which has migrated over to the new show, have been pondering the same thing for the last week:

“Maybe she sees no need to share more, the production in not forcing her and only upsets her sisters, so, bring it on. No?”

“the cabo trip was a glimpse into what the show would be like without her and… idk if the rest of them could carry it without her”

“Like if the show is affecting her mental health this much… surely she could find another income stream like flipping houses or smth”

“I bet once she has her kid she’ll quit the show or at least scale back her hours. I don’t see her continuing full time.”

Intriguing… Of course, this is just fan chatter, right? Just viewers wildly speculating?

Buuuut here’s the thing!!! On Thursday, In Touch Weekly dropped a bombshell report in which an insider claimed Kourt is going to quit The Kardashians for good once she and husband Travis Barker have their baby!! The mag’s mole reported:

“Kourtney’s tired of the drama and fighting with Kim. She’s made her position clear: She wants to quit the show after the baby comes. … Her heart’s not in it anymore.”


Can’t say we’re surprised, really. At least not with the angle regarding Kim. But still, that would be BIG news… if it actually happens. But what’s different this time when compared to last time around, when the fam was filming KUWTK for cable TV and Kourt was getting fed up?? To put it simply: it’s Travis! He could be a big difference maker. The source said:

“She’s very protective of her relationship with Travis. She resents the expectation that they should have details of their life splashed on TV without consulting her first.”

Makes sense! But will that really lead to the Poosh founder outright quitting the Hulu run?! Or maybe just pushing for a spin-off with the Barker fam??

Only time will tell, we suppose… Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube]

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