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Sofia Vergara Gets New Workout Toy, Shows Us All In The Best Way!

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Would you look at that (above)??

We have no idea what in the world that contraption is that Sofia Vergara is on, but we LIKE IT! LOLz!

Actually, it's something called a Megaformer M3, it looks expensive, and it looks like you do yoga or pilates on it or something! Here's what Sofia said along with the pic:

Finallyyyy my new MegaformerM3 from @studiolagree !!!! I luv it

We hope it makes ice cream! That would be fun!

Though, very counter productive! Ha!

Use it only for good, Sofia!! Like keeping fit for the beach!!

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Sofia Vergara Lives At The Beach!

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sofia vergara beach boobs swimsuit living travel

We haven't seen Sofia Vergara anywhere BUT the beach in like the past 100 months, so we're pretty sure she just lives there! That's where her fab boobs (faboobs!) seem to be the most comfortable and free!


We don't mean to be crude, but to be totally crude it looks like she's got the biggest wedgie of all time — one that hits the front AND the back! It's a good thing she has that floor length skirt! Ha!

Seriously though, she's been on vacation in Mykonos for like the past decade it seems! That's not a bad thing, we're just super jealous!

We'll come with you next time, Sofia! We'll go shopping!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Sofia Vergara Celebrates Her Emmy Noms By Showing Off Her Bangin' Bod!

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sofia vergara celebrates emmy noms by showing off bangin bod

The nominations for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards are FINALLY here, and just like every year, Modern Family was very well represented!

Sofia Vergara received her fourth consecutive nomination for her portrayal of Gloria, and she celebrated the occasion by showing off her bangin' bod in a swimsuit!

Sofia Vergara's Boobs Are Lookin' Greece-y!

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sofia vergara greece boobs body swimsuit sexy

That joke worked better in our head, but it's too late now!

Sofia Vergara's fantastic body is on holiday in Greece right now, and she knows EXACTLY what to wear to get hearts racing with a perfect fit! We mean, it's uncanny that all of her clothes are pretty booby, right? How does she get it right every time??


We can't complain!

Ch-ch-check out more curvy pics (below)! She'll always be worth your time!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Sofia Vergara's Swimsuit Makes Greece Sizzle!

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sofia vergara greece sexy swimsuit one piece

Holy boobs, butt, and curves, Batman! Sofia Vergara's body is NUTS!

We're not even sure looking that sexy is even legal in Greece — let alone the world! Get that figure back into international waters!!


Usually we see the hottest of hot celebs rocking the usual bikinis, but Sofia has never been one to just follow the crowd!

This black one-piece swimsuit is making EVERYONE buckle at the knees, and it must be a hard situation for boyfriend Nick Loeb! He might be the one to go home with her at the end of the day, but so are plenty of other people out there with the sexy memories of her!

We hope he's not the jealous type! Ha!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Sofia Vergara WANTS You To See Her In A Bikini!

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sofia vergara bikini boobs sexy curves body swing

It's true! Sofia Vergara totally wants you to see her in a bikini!

Otherwise, why would she post MULTIPLE pictures on instagram of her in a bikini?? Just to show the world how much fun she's having??


It's all about flaunting what you got, and she's GOT IT!

The only issue we have with these pictures is that we have no idea where she is or what she's doing past there's like nature and stuff, and a swing! It's beautiful, but give us some context, girl!

Eh, who cares? Sofia is in a bikini and that's all we need!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Sofía Vergara's Fiance Wants To Share His Pickle With The World!

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sofia vergara fiance nick loeb promotes new condiment called pickle crunch

Sofia Vergara's fiance Nick Loeb (AKA the mastermind genius who created Onion Crunch) is continuing on his quest to become the King of Condiments!

The entrepreneur has apparently added another topping to his resume called Pickle Crunch and now he wants to share it with the world!

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