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Bam Margera Reportedly Sending Vicious Text Messages To Ex Nikki Boyd Following Psych Hold

Bam Margera Has Reportedly Started Sending Vicious Text Messages To Ex Nikki Boyd Following Psych Hold

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Bam Margera may be getting serious professional help at Lamar Odom‘s new treatment center in southern California, but before that journey begins in full, there is more disturbing drama playing out.

As you’ll no doubt recall, days ago, Bam was placed into a 5150 psychiatric hold at the recommendation of concerned family members. He was tracked down in central Los Angeles by the LAPD, and they took him to a psychiatric facility. There, medical professionals and mental health advocates held him for approximately 72 hours.

But now, he is back out on the street, and it sounds like things are already not going very well.

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According to TMZ, the former Jackass star has been texting his estranged wife Nikki Boyd since being released from that psych hold. And it sounds like the text message are very concerning.

Nikki, who is currently fighting with Bam over custody of their 5-year-old son Phoenix, has been asking the courts for child support and spousal support from the reality TV star. But that’s not sitting well with the Pennsylvania native. So, he’s apparently letting her know all of his thoughts via text.

Per that outlet, Bam has been sending “very aggressive” texts to Nikki in the last few days. Her attorney David Glass spoke to the news org in a report published early on Friday. In his jaw-dropping statement to the outlet, the attorney said:

“Bam has started texting since his release from the 5150 hold, but the content quickly turned abusive, calling Nikki awful names, saying she is the cause of all his problems, even saying she’s a ‘gold digger.'”

Oh, no.

Nikki apparently remains optimistic, per her lawyer. The attorney told TMZ that his client remains “hopeful Bam’s upcoming treatment will help him learn to take responsibility for himself.” In addition to that, she is praying that treatment at Odom’s facility will help Bam “learn how to communicate without being abusive.” No kidding…

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As for Bam’s side of the story, his attorney Peter Thompson also spoke to TMZ for their report early on Friday. That lawyer says the former reality TV prankster and pro skateboarder was “pissed” after learning Nikki had asked for thousands of dollars in child support, thousands more in spousal support, and more than $50,000 to pay off attorney’s fees. Hence the gold digger comment, apparently.

Thompson explained:

“Bam continues to support her and Phoenix even though she won’t even allow a phone call or FaceTime with Phoenix. He just wants to see his son and continues to come up against a brick wall on that. Contact would go a long way in getting this resolved.”


Remember, Bam has previously gone on record claiming he would “smoke crack with the bums down at the f**king boardwalk until I’m dead” unless he was able to see his son, even via FaceTime. So, while contact maybe would go a long way, this certainly hasn’t been the best way to go about it.

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Whatever goes on from here with custody and spousal support, we continue to wish Bam, Nikki, and especially Phoenix the best throughout this whole situation. It’s certainly not easy or healthy for anyone.

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