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The Heartless Way Khloé Kardashian Finally Learned About Tristan Thompson's Paternity Scandal!

The Heartless Way Khloé Kardashian Learned About Tristan Thompson's Paternity Scandal! WTF?!

We knew Tristan Thompson f**ked up badly when he fathered a child with Maralee Nichols last year while simultaneously trying to regain ex-partner Khloé Kardashian‘s trust.

But as it turns out, now we see that the basketball player wasn’t even mature enough to personally face up to his actions?! Come on, man…

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On the latest episode of The Kardashians, which was released on Hulu early on Thursday, viewers watch as the news comes out that the NBA star surreptitiously fathered a child with Nichols as part of a tryst back in March of 2021.

The cheating revelation came to Khloé from an online article on the morning of December 3 — and not from Tristan himself, who apparently wasn’t strong enough to face the Revenge Body host and tell her about what happened. Instead, it all started when Kim Kardashian happened upon an online news story detailing Tristan’s paternity suit response about hooking up with Nichols back in March of last year.

Immediately, Kim called momager Kris Jenner and sisters Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, and told them about the conversation she’d had with Tristan after first learning of the sex and pregnancy. Incensed, Kim can be seen dressing down the pro athlete in her call with Kris, saying (below):

“His whole declaration is in this thing, which says, ‘I, Tristan Thompson, met this girl in Houston. I slept with her on my 30th birthday.’ So I sent it to him and I said, ‘Does Khloé know about this?’ Khloé doesn’t even know.”

Following her tip-off to Kris — who no doubt went into damage control like only a momager can do — Kim hopped on another call with Kylie. Kourtney soon joined that call, too. In that chat, Kim was still upset and worried for her sister. The Selfish author asked:

“Is Tristan the worst person on the planet?”


Just like she had done with Kris, the SKIMS mogul walked Kylie and Kourtney through the timeline of Tristan’s declaration, which came about as part of the paternity suit filed against him which first tipped off the media about the scandal. Still angered by the cheating revelation, Kim laid out the court report for her sisters:

“He’s asking for a paternity test and admitting that he had sex with her. Khloé threw him his 30th birthday. So he went home from the 30th birthday party, went to Houston to play on the road — we can check his schedule — and then slept with this girl.”

Kim’s sisters were just as dumbfounded and mad over it as she was, too. Kylie called the situation “insane” and “never-ending” — a nod to Tristan’s prior cheating scandals and his seeming inability to keep his d**k in his pants. Kourt echoed that idea, adding:

“It’s never-ending betrayal, is what it is.”

And Kim took it personally.

Referencing Khloé’s clear desire to have more kids (and specifically a baby brother for daughter True Thompson!), the mom of four added:

“The whole thing that’s so sad is she wants a baby boy. And now this girl’s having a f**king baby boy, a f**king random that he sleeps with one night. F**k him.”

Our thoughts exactly!

It’s heartbreaking to think of Khloé and True‘s side of the whole deal. And enraging to really think about Tristan’s thoughtless, selfish actions…

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Speaking of Khloé, the 37-year-old star was away from her phone in the first few hours after Tristan’s paternity problems were revealed to the world. Kim kept trying to text her to get her attention, though — eventually sending her little sis the actual report with the published court papers as proof.

Still, Khloé hadn’t taken the time to look at any of it yet when she finally called Kim back to see what was going on. Not wasting a moment on pleasantries, Kim asked her little sis:

“Did you see what I sent you?”

Khloé responded that she hadn’t yet, and moved to check her messages while still on the phone with Kim.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Khlo-money looking at her smartphone screen and saying:

“No, hang on. What the f**k is this?”


That was it for this ep. Very abrupt! The rest of the fallout, and Khloé’s full reaction, will obviously be revealed to the world next Thursday on the finale of the family’s first season run on Hulu.

We are pretty sure the s**t is going to hit the fan on that one — even more than it already did in this one.

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Tristan Thompson/Instagram/Hulu/YouTube]

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