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Joke's On Kanye! Kim Reportedly WANTED To Bust On Her Divorce In SNL Monologue!

Joke's On Kanye! Kim Reportedly Wanted To Bust On Her Divorce In SNL Monologue!

Well so much for that!

Remember how Kanye West got all up in arms over his ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian during the rapper’s recent appearance on the Drink Champs podcast?!

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You know, the show where Ye straight-up called Kim his “wife” and ranted about how he hadn’t seen any “paperwork” making the divorce official yet so it just, uh, wasn’t a thing?!

Yeah, THAT one:

Well, amid that whole sitch, Ye was also upset over Kim’s recent Saturday Night Live monologue. The rapper spoke on the podcast about how SNL writers supposedly forced Kim to mention her divorce during her delivery of the show’s opener — you know, because he doesn’t feel she has any agency and couldn’t have said no.

But as it turns out, his allegations are not true! Or, as Kanye’s close friend Donald Trump might say, it’s all FAKE NEWS!!!

According to TMZ, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star not only didn’t have the divorce joke forced upon her in any way by SNL writers, she actually “came to the show armed with the joke” herself!


SNL sources told the outlet that Kanye’s gripe is “completely unfounded,” and that most of Kim’s opening monologue was written well before the show’s filming, with the divorce joke planned and in place for quite a while. No forcing, no coercion, no nothin’!

Apparently, Kim came in with a series of jokes already prepared for her solo delivery, and the show’s writers left them “mostly unchanged” and greenlit them for air.

As we previously reported, Kim’s SNL monologue (which you can re-watch, below) was a big hit and part of one of the show’s most-followed episodes so far this season:

Doesn’t seem forced now watching it back, either, does it?!

Also, even if Ye is technically correct in his other assertion that he and Kim are not officially divorced yet, the two absolutely aren’t together. The Chicago native’s Drink Champs comment about not seeing any divorce “paperwork” is a weird one, then, because TMZ sources confirm what we have all known for a while: the legal proceedings surrounding the couple’s split are moving along full-steam ahead.

As the outlet notes, Kanye literally signed off on Kim paying him $23 million to purchase their former family home! So there’s some “paperwork” right there!

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This whole divorce drama gets significantly more awkward based on something new we reported over the weekend, as well: Yeezy’s apparent new fling with 22-year-old model Vinetria! Amid all of Kim’s Pete Davidson news, it’s certainly interesting that the Jesus Walks rapper appears to have his own rebound here!

Why does Kanye think he’s allowed to date other people? Simple. He and Kim are very clearly estranged! Go for it, man! She clearly is!

Just… don’t complain about how the divorce isn’t official yet or whatever if you’re also going to see other women! Ya know?!?!

Just saying!

[Image via Drink Champs/YouTube/Saturday Night Live/YouTube]

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