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Shailene Woodley & Aaron Rodgers Focusing On 'Rebuilding Their Relationship': Inside Their Plan To Work Things Out

shailene woodley, aaron rodgers : enjoying 'rebuilding their relationship'

All that jetsetting Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers have been doing lately? It’s for the good of their relationship!

Let’s go over the timeline quickly: in November 2021, the quarterback came under fire for his nonsense vaccination beliefs. (Shailene defended him.) In January, sources said they “agree to disagree” on political matters. In February, they called off their engagement after more than a year together, reportedly because of their “differences” and wanting to focus on their careers.

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But the way Aaron talked about the actress didn’t sound like she was an ex, and shortly after they were spotted together againand againand again. Now, a source for E! News reiterated that things are indeed “working out” for these two and “they’re enjoying it.” The insider shared:

“They’ve been spending a lot of time together and are happy with where things are. They haven’t had a lot of down time and have been traveling all over seeing friends and visiting different cities. They don’t stay in one place for long.”

Okay, so the couple is officially on again, right? Wrong: apparently they “aren’t getting too far ahead of themselves, but they are very much enjoying this time together.” Since they both have some time off, the source added:

“They can really focus on rebuilding their relationship.”

Look, we’ve been skeptical about whether the athlete and his fiancée actually broke up at all. Sure, maybe they decided to slow down and take the engagement off the table. Based on the timeline, it seems like they hit a minor rough patch, at most. But “rebuilding their relationship”??? Even if the breakup was real, they were barely apart long enough to need to “rebuild” anything!

That’s just our outside opinion, though, and insiders have insisted that the breakup was very real — and that the reconciliation has been “hesitant,” at least on the part of the Big Little Lies star. A source for Us Weekly recently claimed:

“Shailene doesn’t know if she wants to get back together yet … [Aaron] thinks their differences don’t matter and that they would make a great fit.”

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We totally respect if the 30-year-old has some qualms about getting back together (if indeed they did break up). We just don’t think a person with those qualms would be packing on the PDA while visiting a winery with their ex, as a People source reported this past weekend:

“They seemed really happy. [Shailene] was sitting on [Aaron’s] lap while they hung out at the table with friends. They kissed each other’s heads and were very affectionate.”

Yeah, we’re just not buying the will-they-won’t-they anymore — clearly, they will. Consider the thing rebuilt!

[Image via NBC/ABC/YouTube & Aaron Rodgers/Instagram]

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