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Britney Spears Says Her Brother Was NEVER Invited To Her Wedding -- & She Just Fired Her Security Team!

Britney Spears Says Her Brother Was NEVER Invited To Her Wedding -- & She Just Fired Her Security Team!

Britney Spears is not taking her family’s statements and suppositions lightly!

The 40-year-old pop star took to Instagram on Tuesday and shared a since-deleted new post about her brother, Bryan Spears, following his public statements wishing Britney well following her nuptials to Sam Asghari last week.

Of course, as we reported, Bryan and his girlfriend Amber Lynn Conklin stated on their joint IG earlier this week that they had been forced to miss Britney’s wedding last Thursday to attend the fifth grade continuation ceremony of Bryan’s daughter, Lexie. But the Toxic singer says that’s straight-up BULL S**T!

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As in, Bryan was apparently NEVER invited to Spears’ wedding to her hunky man at her crib in the city of Thousand Oaks!

In a lengthy since-scrapped message on the social network, the performer appeared to use her voice to reference a controversy from 2020. That year, her big brother went on a podcast and commented on his little sis’ conservatorship. In his two-year-old interview on the As NOT Seen On TV, the 45-year-old dad spoke about Britney’s then-active legal hold, and said “she can’t even make a dinner reservation” while criticizing her desire for freedom from the court order.

So, in her IG comments this week, Britney finally got her opportunity to clap back! The Baby One More Time singer slammed Bryan for the old podcast comments, first writing:

“Your podcast interview was so SPECIAL!!! … When asked by that incredibly kind man ‘why doesn’t your family just let her be ???’ Your response was … ‘she can’t even make a dinner reservation …’ What you said right there to that man in that interview said everything, Bryan !!!”

The former Mickey Mouse Club star dropped the big statement right after that, adding:

“You were never invited to my wedding so why even respond ???”


Sounds pretty definitive to us! Just in case anybody had any questions! So you can add Bryan to the family list of other relatives who weren’t welcome at the wedding, including dad Jamie Spears, mom Lynne Spears, and little sis Jamie Lynn Spears. A clean sweep!

Hilariously, Brit then followed up with a later swipe at Bryan’s old “dinner reservation” allegation:

“Psss I have an assistant to make my dinner reservations … “


See the full post (below):

Britney spears says her brother was never invited to wedding
(c) Britney Spears/Instagram

Peep those hilar Madonna and Selena Gomez wedding deets!

BTW, while Britney has since deleted that Tuesday IG post slamming Bryan, he has taken action on the social media app, too: as of Wednesday morning, he and Conklin’s joint couples account on the site has been made private. Womp womp!

Britney Spears Broke Down In Tears While Exchanging Her Vows With Sam Asghari!
Family drama aside, here’s to Britney and Sam living a happy life together! / (c) Britney Spears/Instagram

Also, while Britney was busy calling out Bryan for his evidently-unwelcome wedding commentary, she’s simultaneously making moves behind the scenes. According to TMZ, the new bride has officially canned her security team following the scary event last week where ex Jason Alexander crashed her wedding on the day of the ceremony.

The outlet notes that the singer “recently” made the decision to fire her security detail and “replace them with an all new bunch” following the debacle with Alexander. The move, while certainly understandable, apparently “happened quickly” following Thursday’s scary situation, in which Jason live-streamed himself getting onto Spears’ property while allegedly armed with a knife.

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As we’ve reported, cops quickly arrested Jason at the scene. On Monday, he was arraigned on charges of vandalism, trespassing, and battery in a Ventura County courthouse. During that arraignment, the judge also added a felony stalking charge to Jason’s docket and granted Britney a three-year-long restraining order against him. So, that’s certainly a relief.

But Brit evidently doesn’t feel comfortable with her security team’s response, and wants a new beginning. And that is completely understandable!! Alexander was able to get onto the property a little too easily.

[Image via Britney Spears/Bryan Spears/Instagram]

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