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SNL Cast 'Loves' Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Together -- 'They Basically Fell In Love On Set'

The SNL Cast Apparently 'Loves' Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Together -- Here's Why!

Pete Davidson‘s co-stars are all about his newfound love with one of the most famous women in the world!

The Saturday Night Live cast feels very strongly about the comedian’s connection to Kim Kardashian. It makes sense, of course, since the pair pretty much fell in love on set when Kim hosted the show back in October of last year! But to hear this now, oooh, it just gives us a warm-and-fuzzy feeling!

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An insider reportedly close to the SNL cast spoke to The Sun about Pim’s rise to romance, and it sounds like the King of Staten Island star truly has the backing of those on set!

Revealing that the 41-year-old reality TV star and the 28-year-old comedian apparently talking on the phone for “hours” when they are physically apart, the insider explained the amazing dynamic between the two (below):

“Pete’s a great guy, very soft spoken and fun. Kim loves the fact that he makes her laugh. I know they spend hours on the phone when they’re apart, they are really putting in the effort. It’s not long distance, but they are on different coasts a lot when he’s working in New York and she’s with the kids in Los Angeles.”

Love it!

And even more interestingly, Pete’s pal informed the outlet about the couple’s SNL connection, and how much the cast has Davidson’s back in this instance (below):

“They basically fell in love on set. Pete had always liked Kim, but when they met in person they really hit it off. It’s been amazing. A lot of the cast members have spoken about it behind the scenes on SNL, it’s all been really positive. They love Kim.”


The insider had one more interesting thing to say, too — they believe Pim is built to last! The source opined on that (below):

“I 100 per cent think their relationship will go the distance. They’re similar in a lot of ways, they come from different backgrounds but they have the same heart. That’s what’s important.”

That’s interesting! Especially because there’s been so much chatter recently about the possibility Kim and Pete could have a KID together one day soon!

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Rooting for these two! / (c) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

The insider had a lot more to say about the Meet Cute star, too.

For one, the close friend opened up about Pete’s tense recent social media stand-off with Kim’s ex, Kanye West. And while Ye has been behaving badly, to put it mildly, the insider is pleased with how responsibly Pete has endured the situation:

“I definitely don’t want to talk bad of Kanye, but I think Pete’s been pretty good about it. He doesn’t want to fight back really, he’s shown a lot more class. That’s my personal opinion. He’s not attacking him online. In a way it’s good to hash it out because if it gets more serious he’s going to be around the kids, I think it would be best to do that.”

No kidding!

In fact, some of that “class” from Pete turns out to be what attracted the SKIMS mogul to the comedian in the first place! The source revealed more about that family-first dynamic:

“Pete has strong family values like Kim, he’s very close with his mom, obviously his father was a fire-fighter who died in 9/11. Whatever makes Pete happy, his mom is always there to support him. I know Kim has been out here a few times and she gets on with the family.”

And added key details about Pete’s personal growth, too:

“Pete has spoken out about his mental health problems to help others who are going through tragic times and depression. He’s come a long way and is doing very well. I think Kim has handled that kind of thing in many relationships, she’s a strong woman from what I hear.”

Yeah, we hear that about Kim, too!

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Oh, and just one more thing on the matter! Pete is very much a Staten Island boy through and through, but with Kim firmly planted alongside family and friends in her native El Lay, it sounds like the comedian could be open to coming out west for good!

The insider explained:

“I know he was looking to get a place in Brooklyn to be closer to SNL, Staten Island is too far, even though he loves it so much. But I think he may get one in LA, too. It’s time. He needs to get a place there.”

Yeah, no s**t! It’s about time to migrate out this way, Pete — and bring momma Amy Davidson along for the ride, too! Besides, even if insiders have previously claimed Kim supposedly loves Staten Island, y’all just KNOW she is not leaving Calabasas at this point. And that’s OK! But yeah, maybe Pete should live out on the left coast for a while?! You know the KKW Beauty visionary wouldn’t mind!

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Real estate rumblings aside, can we go back to the SNL-themed main thesis of this report for a minute?! Perezcious readers will recall how SNL star Bowen Yang stepped up publicly in favor of Pete earlier this month, saying this to reporters about the ongoing Kanye-Kim-Pete social media situation:

“We are supporting him by giving him space. I think he’s just, you know, figuring it out, because I think a lot is out of his control, in terms of [Kanye’s] responses. I think he’s just getting back to his comfort and I think that is the best thing he can do. We are all thinking about him, and we love him so much.”

Lots of love there! And recalling that, we can definitely believe this new report about the entire NYC-based cast supposedly cheering for the smartwater pitchman as he pursues love with the Keeping Up With The Kardahians mega-star!

What do U make of all this insider info, Perezcious readers?! So much to dissect here! Sound OFF with your take on Pim’s preciousness down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube]

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